Math and Computer Science

March 29, 2007

I mean Mathematics for computer scientists, I know the math is already essential for even playing Basketball. Last week I asked my professor Dr. Atie (not sure why this site is not working from outside of the department)for a reference manual orPythagorean the needed Math in Computer Science (CMPS) because I felt like forgetting a lot of the things I have taken in related undergraduate classes. Dr. Atie told me that the best way is to review my previous notes on The Theory of Computation and Discrete Mathematics. I went out from my professor’s office thinking that I will find the book we used in the undergraduate coursed in the library at AUB, and this is what happens, but unfortunately it was on loan for almost the end of the semester.

Therefore I started looking for another reference, and then I remembered the great facility MIT is giving which is called OpenCourseWare. And guess what? I have found a complete course titled Mathematics for Computer Science, where some introductory lectures as well some important readings are included. So thanks MIT….


Wikipedia is magnificient

November 8, 2006

While i am starting my graduate studies and my first reaserch paper Iwikipedia arabic stated looking for resources over the internet. I can assure how critical it was wikipedia for me. Of course you will not find the complete academic papers that you are looking for but I assure that it contains the definition and sometimes more (examples, references) for every single concept you think about. For example I was looking for vulnerabilities of applications and i got this complete article with all the examples and links to great resources. I can really say it in french “Chapeau Bas” for the wikipedia encyclopedia.